Bottles We Want

We want to consign your quality glass and are always looking for quality consignments!

We are serious collectors of many types of bottles, especially WESTERN in origin or distribution. Here are some examples which are needed for our personal collection. Go ahead and check around…then contact us. We will offer the absolute highest price based on full retail PLUS.



  • Mills Bitters A.M. Gilman ( lady's leg)
  • Byrne and Castree Salutaris Bitters ( green or puce)
  • Dr. Boerhaave's Stomach Bitters
  • Dr. Wonser's Indian Root Bitters in colors, or DEEP aqua
  • Dr. Hauseman's (square or flask)
  • Any Dr. Henley's product
  • Alex Von Humboldt's Stomach Bitters
  • Cassin's Grape Brandy Bitters
  • Lacour's Bitters ( shape of lighthouse)
  • Rosenbaum's Bitters
  • Cusparia Bitters
  • G.A. Simon's Bitters
  • Cundurango's in any color
  • Dr. Renz's Bitters
  • Wideman & Chappaz


We also want:

  • ANY western medicine or whiskey bottle in GREEN, or YELLOW.
  • Any western flask with good color or crudity.

If you have ANY western bottle, please check with us for TOP DOLLAR!
Click on the "contact us" tab on the home page.
Thank You!

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