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I am Dale Mlasko. I began collecting bottles  in 1974, when I found a few old bottles on top of the ground on some Central Oregon high desert property which my parents owned. One of the bottles had turned a beautiful amethyst color from laying in the sun for decades. I placed the bottles in my window and admired how unique they were, and became hooked! My interest grew every month, and when I found out that there was actually a magazine (Old Bottle Magazine), which featured old bottles, I was elated, and contacted a few people via letter to connect with them. Several lived in the Bend area, and in 1976 I met the president of the Central Oregon Bottle and Relic Club.
Year after year, I became more involved in the club, and eventually became the president of the COBRC. I began digging in earnest in 1977, and would be driven to old logging camps for the day by my Mother who supported my hobby, and continually shuttled me around to various events, and digs. As my High School years approached my interest subsided a bit, and I boxed up my collection.
In 1985, I moved to Southern Oregon, and for some reason, the bottle bug bit again, and has never let up! I have collected mainly Western related bottles, and specialize in Western flasks, bitters, medicines, and anything blown in the West. I am active in the hobby, and have even been featured in a Travel Channel series “Cash and Treasures”. Though it is harder and harder to dig bottles today due to limited sites available, and laws restricting bottle digging in some areas, I remain very active in the hobby, attending most Western bottle shows, and trading with collectors all over the country.
My wife Melissa has become a fixture in the bottle collecting community, and has developed relationships with many Western and a few Eastern collectors. She has become very enthusiastic about the hobby as well!
This site has been in the thought process for years, and I wanted to create something different which will provide a “glass fix” for collectors who have a passion for this hobby. The quest to add a piece to one’s collection, is a thrill, and we will continually provide quality bottles and related items to those who love the thrill of the quest to find that special bottle to place on their shelf. I am always willing to discuss bottles, so feel free to email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and I will promptly respond.
Check in on the site often, as we will update frequently with great glass, history, stories, and information related to this wonderful hobby!

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