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Antique Bottle History
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Vineyard House and Vineyard of Coloma   

    The following is a true account of the famous "Vineyard House" and Vineyard of Coloma.  This was one of the largest winery operations in both Amador and El Dorado Counties.  The Vineyard House has a long and tortured history.  I'll leave the ghost stories to other web sites.  The following report was written by Martin Allhoff Jr., who's father established the vineyards and winery in the early 1850's.  The report was written in 1933 most likely in an attempt to preserve the much forgotten history of what was once a major hub of political and social activity in early California History.  The author died 9 years after writing this report and was buried across the street next to his father.  Today, the house remains intact.  It is owned by a private family and, unfortunately,  is not accessible to the general public.  The following text is exactly as Mr. Allhoff wrote it in 1933, complete with spelling, punctuation, and other various errors which lend to it's authenticity.
to read Martin Allhoff Jr.'s report click here.
Chalmers Catawba Wine Bitter

    The Chalmer's Catawba Wine Bitters has an incredible history in the West. It is the only true "historical" or commemorative bottle as it celebrates the most significant event in Western U.S. history, the California Gold Rush. Gold was discovered at Coloma at Sutters old Mill, and this bottle clearly depicts this site in glass. Blown in 1873, the majority of these were shipped to Nevada, and as the text indicates, Utah. I have never heard of so much as a shard of a Chalmer's dug in Utah. If anyone has, please let me know. There are approx. 12-15 examples of this bottle known in any condition.